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Team and Individual Photography Day

Youth Sports Memory MatePopularly known in youth sports photography as T&Is, but to parents and players, this is Picture Day where each team and athlete is photographed. TriDuo can provide you with the utmost professional Team picture day from the flow of the teams and individuals during the day to the timely delivery of your pictures.

TriDuo believe in original designs and poses. The cardboard memory mate is a thing of the past; we offer a digital design that incorporates an individual and team picture into an 8x10 work of art personalized with a special design for your sport that includes the league logo, team name and player’s name.

Pictures and trading cards need to be in the hands of the players before the season ends. Our typical turnaround time for T&Is ranges from 2 to 4 weeks with the cooperation of the league in scheduling and delivery. The delivery date will be determined when the photography day(s) are scheduled.

Our packages are designed to suit your league’s preferences for product and delivery method. A well organized T&I day is an excellent fundraiser for your league. Contact us now to secure TriDuo’s services for your next season.